Exceptional Paleos®ULTRA!

Fancy on new experiences?

So you can store the ribbon ends!Then this information is of particular importance; your new Barefoots will fascinate you from on the first step and - with good care - will accompany you for a lifetime! Be a child again and enjoy without concern barefoot feeling on all natural surfaces on land, as well as around lakes, coasts and in water! Get your entire running style healthy, supple, strong and responsive, while enjoying impressive closeness to nature.

What you should know about them ...

Thank you for purchasing your PaleoBarefoots®, a true high value quality product. With a team of 70 testers and over two years of development work, we took a lot of time to optimize this unique minimalist footwear – the first ever to give a real barefoot feeling. They really are different than anything you'll have experienced so far. Now it's up to you to maximize your pleasure with them. For this reason, please let us give you some important tips before you start.

The PaleoBarfefoots®, ideal for waters and coasts!The Paleos® should fit snugly around your feet and must not be overly tight or loose. Keep in mind that they should not press tightly against any part of your feet (particularly toes or front) but also avoid them sitting too loosely. Take your time to adjust the laces optimally to the shape of your feet. Walk around a little on a natural surface and adjust the lacing until you don't feel any pulling or rubbing anywhere on your foot. Once you've adjusted the laces, they'll stay in place, and you just need to open and close the heel lock to put on and take off the shoes.

Some areas in your home may distort your fist impressions, particularly if they are slippery and unnaturally hard (tiles, wooden flooring, hard flooring, marble). Don't assess the fit or the barefoot feeling on these surfaces. Instead, try to walk on a smooth, softer surface such as a carpet or better yet: Go outside and walk over a lawn or a forest path. The basic version of the Paleos® are pure outdoor footwear and belong to natural surfaces or in the water!

Do you walk and hike in predominantly urban areas on stony and/or hard floors? Do you have to cross grounds such as gravel and paved surfaces to get to natural terrain? If so, we recommend the "Multi Paw-Option" for the ULTRAs.

Multi-Paws for soft, mixed and rocky natural soils.If this was part of your order, our purists are also suitable for activities on all kind of urban surfaces, including very smooth floors such as laminate, hardwood, tile, marble, etc. Beside some cushioning the many "paws" provide secure and very slip-resistant grip on smooth surfaces. If you don't have the Paw-option please take care to avoid running on those surfaces!

Walking in PaleoBarefoots® really does mean walking barefoot. Please take it easy at first, particularly if you are not used to walking around barefoot.  Depending on the type of ground, initially 15-20 minutes of wear is long enough to expose your feet to the natural sensations of the underfoot surface.

Longer initial wear times can potential overwhelm your feet or cause discomfort. In order to provide the most relaxing experience for your feet, try changing surface often - try mud, sand, grass, forest paths, water etc! Remember PaleoBarefoots® exist for natural surfaces! Give your feet time to adjust over a few days, wearing the Paleos® for short times, and you'll find that your comfort and experience rapidly improve until you're wearing them for long walks through the forests in complete comfort!

That is also important!

Initially, some people have very sensitive skin on the instep and around the ankle of the foot. Later on and with some barefoot experience you'll then no longer need any savers. However, here are some tips to avoid pressure or wear that might cause soreness or skin irritation:

For strolling and walking: Just wear the Paleos® alone and lace the Paleos® a little more loosely.
For longer walking or hiking: Wear the Paleos®-Inner-Sock inside, lace snugly, but not tight.
For Running, jogging and other sports: Wear the Paleos®-Inner-Sock or the
Paleos®-Ankle-Sleeves provided, and lace fairly snugly.

Link to the natural world and enjoy!

Indulge your feet in experiencing the changing sensations of water, soil, gravel, grass, leaves and so on. Variety is very important, and don't forget to try puddles and watery surfaces! Don't worry about dirt and moisture: Up to 200,000 nerves end on your foot-soles and want to experience stimuli. They will reward you with a cozy and warm tingling after your trip.

It is easy to restore the shine! Wash them regularily!To care for your PaleoBarefoots® always rinse them with clean, fresh water after every use and keep them hanging in a dry place. If not, they may oxidize slightly and they'll lose their beautiful gloss. Better yet: Clean them regularly in a washing machine or the dishwasher at a warm temperature in a small fabric pouch, such as those provided for washing small delicate items.

Enough words, get your Paleos® on!

You'll find much more information, test reports and videos on our website. We welcome your pictures, experiences and any short reports of your experiences with your new PaleoBarefoots®. Please do get in touch with any questions or if you're unsure about anything!

We now wish you good grounding, sensory highlights and many moments of joy and well-being, perhaps even bringing back old memories of childhood when we ran carefree and barefoot!

Enjoy and best regards, the GoSt-Barefoots-Team!
Jörg Peitzker