Become a Trade-partner!

Trader and Distributors that we can work with!

Representatives / Free agents. These are resellers without a sales team,
who usually travel around to meet clients.

Resellers / Retailers. These are local businesses and shop owners who are
capable of advertising our products through exhibition, showcase or other
presentation types.

Online shops that have an adequate number of visitor numbers and a wide reach
and are capable to support increasing the brand awareness of the PaleoBarefoots®.

Become a GoSt trading partner!Further Groups!

You are a sporting goods retailer, run a Physiotherapy Practice, Rehabilitation Centre or a similar health related business?

You are a coach or trainer of a gym, organisation, club or similar? Is it a school, a nursery, a sport team or a social facility?

Maybe you have an online platform with shop-system that deals with topics such as health, therapy, wellness, sport or similar?

Here's how you get started!

In dealing with many many contact requests we receive, we've found this procedure has proven itself in establishing successful partnerships, because:

Nothing is more important than working with partners who know the characteristics of the PaleoBarefoots®, can convey the unique concept and stand behind the philosophy of our barefoots.

Only in this way are partners motivated and can offer sufficiently competent advice. Before choosing to become a distributor of our products, first please order Paleos® of your own and tell us about your impressions and offer us your feedback.

When you have become acquainted with the special characteristics of the PaleoBarefoots® and decide you'd like to become a distributor, the next step is that you please register at our website.

Subsequently please send a corresponding message via the contact form for businesses and partners. Along with it, please also state the order number of your latest purchase from the online store (e.g. 10000366). It is important to identify you.

Now it's our turn!

After approval you'll get the appropriate user rights to access the sales conditions for retailers and distributors. Subsequently you are able to order a first starter Kit for merchants. If you login the next time you'll be automatically redirected to our business portal.

Already a partner?

If you already have an account and you are logged in, click right here to go to the GoSt Business Portal.

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