Being outdoors is our passion!

In a way that no other minimalist or 'barefoot' shoes really can, Paleos® allow you to experience that ‘outdoor’ feeling at any time. Our high quality products combine functionality, durability and importantly, direct stimulation of the nerves of the feet.

Since 2011, with these aims, we have successfully developed the PaleoBarefoots® for outdoor use, travel, and leisure . We not only ensure that all our products meet the requirements of our  users, but also are produced as sustainably as possible.  Whoever wants to enjoy nature must also focus on preserving it.

Respect towards people & nature

We very much respect the people who manufacture our products. Therefore, we have deliberately chosen to manufacture our products in Germany alone. Only here can we have an absolute guarantee of directly observing our duty to care for the employees making our products.

Our people are our core asset!

We also have tremendous respect for the beauty and diversity of nature. We are guided by national environmental regulations and minimize potential negative impacts. Our chain mesh products will last a lifetime and are 100% recyclable.

It is important to us to develop a trust-based relationship with our customers. Everything we do not only meets our exacting requirements, but must meet the expectations of our customers when buying a PaleoBarefoot®.

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