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Subsequently, a series of recommendations for those who want to take the step towards "natural running" natural exercise and a healthy nutrition, and who have the required consciousness and patience:

Going barefoot, running and training:

Through our own running experience, research, understanding of human anatomy and function,  partnered with the great research now being done in this area, we can confirm the timeless principle that the less a shoe does to a foot, the better it is for that foot. Jason Robillard provides vital information on how to run healthier, with less pain and more fun! After reading his book, it will be easier for you to decide whether or not to wear shoes. The book takes readers through a series of exercises, drills, and advice on how to make the transition from shod running right up to your first few miles barefoot - and beyond.

RUN STRONG  RUN FREE by the Barefoot Running Magazine UK

RUN STRONG - RUN FREE by the Barefoot Running Magazine UK

RUN STRONG • RUN FREE' by Anna Toombs and David Robinson. A book on a subject which, unfortunately, even the most popular authors do not have long term experience. Quite different in this reading though! To date, the best book on barefoot running we've come across!  It's a really great, comprehensive read. Lots to offer & a great complement to the other barefoot books. We especially appreciated the biomechanical technicalities & learned a lot that even we didn't know before. Thus, quite a feat given the number of running books on the market. Well done Anna Toombs and David Robinson from Barefoot Running Magazine UK. You did a very good job!


In his bestseller The Running Bible Dr. Matthias Marquardt tells us about how to start with a healthier running for beginners and professionals. One focus of the active style of running, which runners let run easily and without injury. In natural running it goes about the core of the underlying philosophy. Natural Running is for runners who are interested in an intensive and in-depth study of the areas of natural movement, running technique and special running shoes. To learn how one can approach a natural running style to get to an injury free train training.

Born to Run is really a book in three parts, which are mingled throughout.  First, it is a non-fiction account of the background and execution of a unique race event in Mexico, pitting some of the US’s finest ultramarathon runners against the native Tarahumara’s, who have maintained a culture centered around running as the rest of Mexico (including its drug wars) has developed around them.  Second, it is a brief anti-corporate (specifically, anti-Nike) screed.  Finally, it is a lesson in the evolutionary biology of homo sapiens - at least one theory thereof, and thus the title.

While the book is best known about this topic, it is the story that holds your interest, and that frames the rest of the content. The story is a bit slow to develop – I’ll confess, it was difficult to appreciate a context around the hunt for Caballo Blanco and understand the digression back to the admittedly-necessarily background information on efforts to bring the Tarahumara into the US ultra marathon race scene. But, once you reach familiar names like Scott Jurek (and the derisive treatment of Dean Karnazes), the story begins to move along, and the portrayals of some impressive ultramarathon accomplishments were inspiring, particularly for this runner who has never given much mind to the ultra scene.

Barefoot running is the hottest trend in athletics today, spurred by the bestselling Born to Run. Should you do it and how to start? With a focus on injury prevention for middle-of-the pack runners, this easy to read "why and how of barefoot running" opens with the author's own transformation from barefoot sceptic to barefoot advocate. It draws from 100 years of scientific research on barefooting.

Is the soft sand of the beach a great starting point? As we hit middle-age, won't our feet need cushioning to avert back pain and knee pain? The answers may surprise you.

From testers and members these books also were highly recommended to us! Soon you can find the our corresponding reviews here and you might be interested in reading them first.


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Uschi (my dear wife), who has an extensive German Paleo Blog called GoStoneage Paleo with many recipes, has read many of these books, and she asked us  to recommend them to you also. They discover many backgrounds and insights about our body and its prehistoric programming to certain kinds of foods. Her detailed reviews will follow...

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