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2012/05: We became interesting for the media!

Press ReviewsAs Gost Barefoots and its products wegaining in popularity, the press also became aware of us. Our participation at Fisherman's Friend StrongmanRun 2012 at the Nurburgring has been only one significant reason. With 10,000 other runners, our small team struggled through slush and mud at 42.8° F over about 24km .

Especially with muddy obstacle races the PaleoBarefoots® demonstrated the significant benefits over conventional running shoes and other minimalist footwear. Once getting wet, normal shoes become uncomfortable and heavy, and have almost no traction on slippery ground. By contrast, things like mud and dirt pass through the Paleos® ring structures easily and this way the soles provide excellent traction. While others throw away their running shoes after such a race, we just rinse our shoes briefly with water. They are almost indestructible and perfectly suitable for natural soils and surfaces.

We continue to be in contact with a number of different newsrooms who will soon be reporting more about our exceptional barefoot concept. Check back here regularly to find updated news publications about the PaleoBarefoots®.

90,000 visitors in January and February 2013!

Our PaleoBarefoots® are interesting enough to inspire 90,000 people to visit our website in January and Februaryand to leave us comments, express some interesting theories, and offer some entertaining speculations! So far we have found around 120 articles on our products from all over the world, many available on major websites. And we are always finding more...

As we announced in our newsletter of 09 Jan 2013, we'd like to answer some of the comments and questions we've received (some are quite amusing!). For those who would rather have the facts than the guesses, we've created an FAQ page dedicated to this. If you already know something about the Paleos®, you'll certainly find this entertaining;for all others, the following content is worth knowing as a basic introduction to Paleos®.

FAQ - Answers to many questions!On this page we'll try to answer all the questions we've been asked or that we've seen around the web. Of course, we will continue to supplement this list as new questions arise. As mentioned, it's worth reading this as a primary source of information since there are many misunderstandings about the nature of chain mail in general and the presumed characteristics of the PaleoBarefoots in particular.

Since we can't possibly track all the publications that mention us on the internet, and certainly can't follow all the discussions in forums or other platforms, we ask you to share information if you see a similar discussion going on somewhere! The Paleos® are really in their own category, and can't easily be compared to conventional 'barefoot' minimalist shoes.

The new FAQ page can be found in the main navigation area of our website.

2013/03 GoSt-Barefoots - a world famous brand!

Due to the volume of international publications regarding our idea and PaleoBarefoots® on the Internet , the international media (TV, press, additional online platforms) have asked about our products and for press information. Therefore, there will be many upcoming publications on GoSt-Barefoot in the future. If temperatures permit, our professional testers will publish their individual results on the use of the PaleoBarefoots®.

Channel 4 UK!Discovery Channel Canada!TV: Just to name a few, the Palos® already were presented on Channel 4 in the UK and Discovery Channel in Canada. Currently our Paleos get introduced in the Australian TV. A number of additional inquiries from Germany and from abroad are on the way.

TV: Just to name a few, the Palos® have already been presented on Channel 4 in the UK and on the Discovery Channel in Canada. Currently our Paleos are being introduced to  the Australian TV market.  A number of additional inquiries from Germany and from abroad are on the way.

Product Reviews: A large number of PaleoBarefoots® have already been sent or soon will be sent to professional testers from around the world These include Runners World and Men's Health/Women's Health as well as BarefootrunningUK, etc. We expect the reports to be published in the year ahead and will post links on this page as they become available.

Outdoorseite Würselen (Germany) : Review Paleos®ANTERRA!

Outdoorseite Würselen (zum Testbericht)!Thanks to high quality stainless steel ring mesh one can walk safely on gravel and crushed rock, jump in puddles and streams, or walk totally unconstrained through mud and slush. During testing this was particularly fun for me. It’s almost like being a kid again! The thin layer of just 1.4 mm ring mesh around the feet let you experience the environment unfiltered while providing excellent grip at the same time...

Click here for full (German) article!
Paleos®ANTERRA - chain protection for the feet!

2013/09 BarefootRunningUK about the PaleoBarefoots®!

Ian Hicks - Minimalist-Tester at BarefootRunningUK!The first independent and long-term review on the PaleoBarefoots® has been published by Barefoot Running UK. The magazine's main focus is barefoot running and the use of minimalist footwear in natural conditions - exactly the right place for our exceptional Barefoot concept!

We also have endeavored to ensure the best possible German translation of his report. Click here for the English version of the review.

Long-term-review by Ian Hicks.
(Barefoot Running Magazine Issue 9 2013)!

2013/12 BarefootRunningUK: Second review on the Paleos®!

Second Review in 12/2013 from BarefootRunningUK  by Ian Hicks!BarefootRunningMagazin_12_2013The magazine can't be recommended enough! The 2013 fall/ winter issue is very informative and full of interesting reports and articles on all kind of topics related to barefoot running. It also includes the second review of our chain mail "shoes".

Barefoot Running UK issue 10 fall / winter. Please follow the link to see Online-Edition. Simply search for "PaleoBarefoots"  to find the review.


2014/04 The Paleos®ULTRA win a couple of awards!

The Paleos® have won a couple of awards!In the current spring issue of the "Barefoot Running Magazine" in England, which is published by BarefootrunningUK GoSt-Barefoots and PaleoBarefoots® have have won a couple of awards! Run Strong • Run Free: The science and art of running

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