Business Partner

Manufacturing of the Paleos® is done by:

Ziegler Arbeitsschutz GmbH

Where we want to go with GoSt-Barefoots:

Through extensive technical adaptations and challenges, we have taken care of all the necessary procedures to manufacture the PaleoBarefoots® at full scale. Having registered additional common patents and industrial designs, we are ready now  to serve the market.

We are looking forward in 2014, to gaining more feedback, more proposals, and hearing from ur customers and our Paleos®Testers. Every day we get to discover more on these topics. In the moths ahead there will be some interesting suggestions for products and applications from us too. Jointly with GoSt-Barefoots, we can assure you we're doing everything necessary to ensure  that these products are successfully produced and launched. Everyone out there who wants to join in and contribute feedback is warmly welcome. We appreciate everyone who actively engages with us on the development of our products.

Jürgen Ziegler
(Managing Director Ziegler Arbeitsschutz Ltd.)

Ziegler Arbeitsschutz Ltd.
In den Waldäckern 41
75417 Mühlacker

Telefon: 0 70 41 / 810 75 - 0
Telefax: 0 70 41 / 810 75 - 79

Commercial Register : Amtsgericht Mannheim
Register no. : HRB 510909
Management: Jürgen Ziegler, Rainer Aichelberger

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