What the Paleos® can do for you...

Because Paleos® are more than usual minimalist shoes!

It was never the goal to compete with other running and minimalist shoes for use on artificial substrates such as concrete, asphalt, gravel, etc.. In addition to their other properties, we wanted to provide authentic barefoot feeling and to protect the foot better than other products. This new approach would be limited to natural soils and be suitable for use both on land AND in the water. Today, the result of these intentions are the virtually indestructible PaleoBarefoots® in such environments!

Ruf an, nutze Mail oder Chat. Wir freuen uns auf Dich!Most minimalist shoes try to simulate barefoot-like conditions, but are barely capable of providing it! The PaleoBarefoots® can.

No shoes, no socks - but their own class - the PaleoBarferoots®Bare feet supply the entire body with important signals about hazards, temperature, and environmental conditions. All important nerve tracts are linked to the entire body and end in our soles. The more distance between our feet and the ground, the more indistinct / incomplete, these signals are. The PaleoBarferoots® are not merely worn - they are experienced! Follow our tips for beginners and migrators. There you'll find even more interesting information.

It's up to you how comfortable or how tough they are!

Do you like walking and hiking in nature? Do you do a little jogging or practice yoga?   Do you love muddy and wet events? Perhaps you like fishing, fell running or maybe you have foot problems. Perhaps you just want to change from your ultra-cushioned running shoes to minimalist shoes, or want so support your physical therapy to recover from a foot inury faster. Which PaleoBarefoots® type is right for you?

Health & Therapy:
Physiotherapy, podiatry, orthopedics, gymnastics, yoga, Iyengar yoga, tai chi, hydrotherapy, pilates ...foot problems, sweaty feet, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rehabilitation after injury!

Foot problems, sweaty feet, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rehabilitation after injury - See more at: http://portal.gost-barefoots.com/en/Welcome#sthash.P0AlomcM.dpuf

Sports & Nature:
Baseball, softball, cricket, orienteering, walking, jogging, running, trekking, frisbee, crosstraining, golf, paintball, archery, hunting, kite flying, MovNat, geocaching, dog sports, survival, tracking , lacrosse ...

Sports & Water:
Fishing, fly fishing, beach fishing, canoeing, kite surfing, rafting, rowing, sailing, scuba diving, windsurfing, surfing, white water, ocean swimming ...

Events & Dirty Sports:
Cross-country running, mud racing, fell running, obstacle racing, wadden sea games and events, MovNat, Cross-Fit, Survival, LARP, ...


Leisure & Relaxation:

Public swimming pools, parks, bathing beaches, wading, gardening, holidays, barbecues, picnics, mushroom hunting, walking, hiking, camping, nude, swimming, snorkeling ...


Also keen to have dirty - but healthy - feet?

The PaleoBarferoots® are in their own class! Natural Running! Wash my fur, but do not make me wet! Other footwear makes you put up with compromises - the PaleoBarefoots® don't! They represent the most sincere conceptualization of minimalist footwear the market has yet seen. However, long distances on asphalt, concrete, and gravel are not their specialty. They are made of high quality stainless steel ring mesh, have no cushioning, no insole, no drop and no protection from the cold!

On search for the most originally way of (safe) running?

There is no comparison to the PaleoBarefoots - neither on land nor in the water!There is no comparison to the Paleos®ULTRA - neither on land nor in the water! Walking and running in Paleos® is absolutely safe and like not wear shoes!

Currently, only the PaleoBarefoots® offer the ability to walk into the completely unknown, over unobservable natural soils, in the dark, on land and in shallow water, without surrendering any environmental stimulation for feet and soles. These shoes are the best outdoor tool, for experiencing nature first hand and with all your senses.

Customizable saver for Paleos®ULTRA

Paleos®Saver, black, toes-freePaleos are designed to be worn directly on bare feet, on dry land or submerged in water. On land, we recommend the use of the sole-free Paleos®Saver. Because  some people may initially have  sensitive skin on the tops of their feet, our savers guarantees a softer and more comfortable feel.

Are you familiar with the "Multi-Paws" for Paleos®ULTRA?

Add Paws to your your Paleos® for very rocky and smooth urban surfaces!These subtle soft-spots greatly extend the usage possibilities of your Paleos®Ultras to all smooth urban areas. Use them for a safe and strong grip whether you're out in nature clambering over rock, or in the city on tiles, marble... You won't find a safer way to be in touch with the ground than with the "Paws".

People accustomed to minimalist or other barefoot style shoes will appreciate the benefits described in this blog about these unique soft-spots. Everything we develop here at GoSt-Barefoots is directly determined by the environment in which we use the products -  the "Multi-Paws" for your Paleos® are no different.

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