Paleos® for Leisure & Relaxation

Time to get down and relax!

Everyone who occasionally runs barefoot or remembers his or her last beach vacation will remember how pleasant it was, particularly the feeling of sand, earth, air and water on the bare skin of the feet.

This is not surprising, because there are up to 200,000 nerve endings in each foot to receive these delights and transmit them directly back into all parts of your body. This stimulation is very important for us-- the effect isn’t just biological.

An obvious outcome of human evolution, these stimuli can lead to immediate feelings of freedom and deep relaxation. One’s mood improves the moment the first toe enters a cool puddle or you feel yourself smiling while standing on wet moss. Everyone knows that feeling.

The PaleoBarefoots® will ground you and relax you!

Our shoes provide the opportunity to experience these kinds of feelings not only in your own garden, on terrain you know, or for just a few days on vacation at the beach: bring them into your daily life and you can have these childlike joys every day, whenever you need it and where-ever you want it!

What do you do in your spare time?

As long as your hobby finds you in a natural environment, treat yourself the Paleos® . They are small and portable enough to fit in a pocket or handbag! A Forest, a beach, a lake, a park ... Decide for yourself where you'd like to "ground yourself" in the true sense of the word!



The advantages of frequent barefoot running:

Below you'll find an introductory list of the many benefits barefoot running can offer. If Properly managed and perhaps under therapeutic supervision, they can function as a natural remedy with no harmful side effects. Follow our tips for beginners and migrators: there you'll find even more relevant information.

Hydrotherapy & Reflexology: Important stimulation of our biological systems including
the management of temperature control by blood circulation. (Impervious soles prevent
the exchange of temperature and humidity).

Body awareness: Barefoot running causes intensive feedback stimuli that are absorbed
through the soles of the feet. Clear stimuli lead to clear reactions and clear responses.

Blood circulation: By freeing the entire foot structure, your legs and feet will get much
better circulation. This in turn will support the currents of neural receptors and pathways.

Foot climate: Closed shoes act like greenhouses and promote the proliferation of fungi
and bacteria. Because of the stainless steel ring mesh, the PaleoBarefoots® are hygienic
and offer an excellent climate for feet.

Foot muscles: In shoes, the foot muscles atrophy. The mobility of the toes, for example,
as known by young children (grabbing, spreading the toes, etc.), becomes curtailed.

► Tactile and gripping reflexes: Barefoot runners "scan" the subsoil with their feet and are
actively connected with the ground. Natural reflexes come back, feet become stronger,
posture improves, and risk of injury is decreased!

Training of senses: Up to 200,000 nerve tracts end or begin in our feet. There are biological
reasons why there just are so many. Without training and utilizing them regularly, you begin
to lose the closeness to nature when compared to the body's other major senses.

Circulation systemsImproved massage by the soil structure stimulates circulation,
and trains and supports the body's own systems such as venous valves and vein structure.

► Agility, spreading, grasping: In fashionable shoes, the toes are often pushed together
and are not able to interact individually. When there is enough space they spread and start
to work individually, which optimizes posture both standing and in motion.

► Longitudinal and transverse arch: Longitudinal and transverse arch: Independent
orthopedics and physical therapists recommend that patients with foot disorders run
barefoot. Various muscles and ligaments form the arch in our feet. This otherwise
passive system must be constantly strengthened and stabilized.

Body postureBecause it is uncomfortably hard to land on the heel, barefoot runners
instinctively shift their weight towards to the forefoot section. To compensate, the body
must align differently and overallposture improves.

Proprioceptive training: Running barefoot on uneven, varied  natural flooring offers
more variety, is more natural, and provides more effective training.

Emotional Balance: Emotional Balance: Barefoot running and Paleos® running promotes
a positive mood bygrounding you and improving your perception and the awareness of the
world around you.

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