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Date News Message
24.09.2014   "Configurable" saver for Paleos®ULTRA!
18.09.2014   Paleos® on the Cat Walk in London!
29.08.2014   Last chance on "bargain-ULTRAs"!
05.07.2014   "Barefoot & Paleos®" at Swindon, UK
03.06.2014   TV Chanel "Simply Ingenious"
09.04.2014   Best innovative "shoe" 2013 in the UK!
31.12.2013   "Multi-Paws" for Paleos®ULTRA !
06.09.2013   BarefootRunningUK: > 200 Miles Paleos®!
31.08.2013   RunningKit for Paleos®ULTRA
12.08.2013   New version of Paleos®BAMANOs!
09.08.2013   The Paleos® of the future–!
14.05.2013   GoSt... News & Updates
31.03.2013   The 10 winners of the PaleoBarefoots®!
21.03.2013   The Raffle! 10 days left until the draw!
14.03.2013   Customers, Paleos®URBAN, distribution...
02.03.2013   Winter is gone - new Paleos®Accessories here!
12.02.2013   KeyChains, Paleos ® Tester & Accessories!
02.02.2013   From Australia, New Zealand and Ethiopia!
20.01.2013   FAQ - the truth about the PaleoBarefoots®!
09.01.2013   The stainless steel Paleos® on a world tour!
28.12.2012   You all a Happy New 2013!
15.12.2012   Win Paleos® for your barefoot season 2013!
04.12.2012   Stefan's Paleo (s) - Advent Calendar!
02.12.2012   Knowledge base: updated Barefoot tips!
24.11.2012   New York Times shares our doubts!
22.11.2012   Paleos®Convention 2013
18.11.2012   Paleos®BeachRun in Coronado, CA, US.
14.11.2012   "Forefoot running only!" Does it make sense?
18.10.2012   PRONATIV happy the hard way!
18.09.2012   Article Physiotherapie 3/2012
28.08.2012   ANTERRA in the Online-Store!
25.08.2012   First Press releases about the Paleos®
23.08.2012   Desert and jungle destroys prices!
10.08.2012   Paleos® LIVE at Mönchengladbach!
08.08.2012   News by Phillip & Michaela!
06.08.2012   "Barefoot" Spectaculum!
02.08.2012   The Paleo® "BAMANOs" in detail!
21.07.2012   Malo's life in shards?
19.07.2012   TryOut group is moving house!
07.07.2012   Happy Michaela!
03.07.2012   Vinicius, Hawaii and volcanoes.
15.06.2012   Ricardo needed them in Brazil.
11.06.2012   The DELINDAs even in India now!
11.06.2012   The Paleos® showed up in Florida?
19.05.2012   DELINDA ist endlich da!

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