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Technology, co-operation, brands and suppliers!

Even in this field we are flexible and can offer several options. But first you should know the following:

Concept, technical implementation and visual appearance of our products are protected by staggered global patents, utility models and design. Manufacturing of footwear made of ring structures, and the simple use of this material for footwear in what kind ever, Patent protection of idea, design and technology!it is effectively protected against imitation.

Our products are conceptually unique. The achieved barefoot feeling, as well as foot and hand climate can no longer improve. In our view and in the opinion of our testers they are the only minimalists who really deserve this term, are available. Yet, the development of PaleoBarefoots® and PaleoBarehands will not end here ...

Already we develop the next series: Paleos®CCLASSIC and Paleos®URBAN). By combining pure chain mail shoes (ULTRA) with conventional materials from the sports and rehabilitation sector, unprecedented opportunities for completely new products (water sports, recreation and Running, wellness, therapy, leisure time, etc.) arise.

Then, our barefoot concept will no longer be limited to pure natural environments, but will be applicable to all soils, conditions and surfaces! How they will look like and what properties they will have can be seen in our overview.

Licenses for co-operation partners!

To promote the development of combining different materials with ring mesh, we are already in contact with various suppliers and manufacturers. In this section we provide inter alia exclusive manufacturing and production licenses. Are you also interested in cooperation for development and production of our PaleoBarefoots®? Then put yourself in contact with us and do not wait, until we have chosen our final partners.

Become a License of the stunning Paleos®Technology!

Licenses for brands and suppliers!

Are you a manufacturer or supplier of sports shoes and / or minimalist or barefoot shoes also? Then you will know which  essential benefits ring structures can have for your own products - even if it is just used in small areas. The Paleos®URBAN - Barefoot shoe AND everyday shoe in one!The important ventilation will enhance, and as a result, this will considerably improve the foot climate and barefoot feeling. Because of its strength and flexibility, no other material is better suited to achieve this effect.

For the use of ring structures within your own products in any kind and area, we can offer interesting licensing models. Depending on negotiation with interested parties, unique and exclusive licenses for certain applications (diving, surfing, running, walking, etc.) can be awarded. If you are interested do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

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