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Although our company is young, the whole world already knows about us. The uniqueness of our PaleoBarefoots® means that we have hundreds of visitors on our site daily and our revenues steadily continue to rise. Soon we will need more employees for various areas. Even if your interest is motivated rather privately, we look forward to hearing from you! If you'd like to take this opportunity to contact us, please use the contact form below and let us know.

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But do not misunderstand the PaleoBarefoots®, their purpose and their field of application! We are exclusively on search for testers who are willing to leave asphalt and concrete runways and love natural soils and waters. As long you stay in natural environments, to us it does not matter whether you like relaxing walking, hiking, running, or you love surfing, sailing, diving or any other water sports. If you are convinced - as we are - that "Natural Running" and "Natural Movement" can only be done correct and originally in nature, then please apply for tester!

Production, web design, and IT:

Programming and Web design (Magento & phpBB)
 Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
Translations (English, Spanish, French, etc.)
Sewing (neoprene, lining, fabrics)
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Retail & Logistics:

Trading and distribution partners
Marketing, Logistics and Shipping

If you like our barefoot idea and our products, we'd like to hear from you - we're also interested in private individuals - maybe you have an unusual hobby where the Paleos® would be beneficial! Maybe a collaboration with us would be interesting for us both. Please find our contact form and let us know!

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