The ideal size of your Paleos®!

We are happy to help! Please let us know your feet dimensions!

Alternatively to collecting pure measurements you can also send your foot tracing. The visual method is more accurate and to be prefered. For instructions please visit page "The ideal size of your Paleos®ULTRA!"

However, now for the mesurements: To achieve the best possible fit (this is very important in the case of Paleos®Ultra), we kindly ask you to provide us with your feet dimensions. Please wear a thin sock and while standing when taking the measurements in order to get the most realistic values. Put the Tape Measure or alternetively a yarn loosely around the foot and read the result with a ruler.

Measurement of the length of both feet: it should always be measured while standing on the foot in thin stockings, and at the late afternoon or evening. With each foot stand straight on a piece of paper. In succession you now draw just the outline of both feet  with a pencil. Both feet because people very rarely have exactly the same size of both feet.

Your feet dimensions!
If you regularily have bother to find shoes that fit, this may be due to a special foot shape, or the form of your toes - or even both. Please compare the below indicated shapes with your own.

What is the shape of your feet?

 What is the shape of your feet?

1. Anglo-Saxon - the foot is narrow and long
2. Germanic - the hind foot is narrower than the forefoot
3. Roman - The foot has a broad, straight axle
4. Baltic - big toe emphasizes the hind foot is wider

What shape of toes do you have?

What shape of toes do you have?
1. Roman - the first three toes are of equal length (the second most common type, 36%)
2. Greek - dominant second toe (the rarest form, 20%)
3. Egyptian - dominant big toe (the most common form, 44%)

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