Feel the elements!

Leave roads and paths! Get into nature in all weathers, feel the air, water, moisture, heat and cold. Give your body back what it has missed for so long. It will react gratefully to natural, primal conditions - how we always did. You will be rewarded with a robust immune system and more agile biomechanics.

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Rely on safety!

Security soothes and relaxes you! Rely on the best puncture and cut protection there ever was! Protected from lurking hazards, even challenging environments and conditions are pure fun to feel. Whenever your usual gear would fail, get dirty, slippery or just feel uncomfortable, our durable Outdoor-Paleos® find their ideal field of application.

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Become one with the environment!

To stay healthy we need natural stimuli - the more diverse the better. The unique Paleos® are both reliable protection and simultaneously open to the elements. Stimuli which would be lost with impermeable soles can now be experienced. Direct contact with the environment ensures the training of our immune system and supports vital functions.

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Rebalance body & soul

"That which touches your skin also touches your spirit!" Enjoy what surrounds you and feel the elements, relaxation, revitalization and heightened senses. Our products help to balance body and mind, they increase good humor and are the pure joie de vivre. Even the first puddle will make you smile. Bet that?!

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Welcome at GoSt-Barefoots and our PaleoBarefoots®!

We are proud to be creating and developing products that protect specific parts of the body from injury and therefore promote peace of mind.

Bare feet are particularly vulnerable to injury from seashells, sharp stones, broken glass, waste metal and all sorts of other hazards which are not threatening when shod. The PaleoBarefoots® provide the protection you need whilst assuring the freedom you desire. Described as Barefoot Safety Shoes, they will indeed keep your feet safe but will also do far more besides. Knowing your feet are safe and protected will relax you, provide confidence and allow your focus to be elsewhere, however, there are far more advantages to wearing a pair of Paleos®.

The proprioceptive system controls our balance and movement ensuring our foot position will be wellcoordinated and controlled for ultimate performance. For this system to function precisely the brain relies on clear signals and feedback from our immediate surroundings. Temperature, muscle stretch and pressure receptors, joints and skin constantly transmit impulses to the brain relaying the current physical conditions being experienced. These are all evaluated by our proprioceptive system, which in turn, triggers the signals regulating reactions throughout the body. The unique open design of the PaleoBarefoots® allows this organic process to function whilst ensuring the foot’s protection from possible puncture wounds.

This unique and exciting development has earned Paleos® the kudos of being the only ‘barefoot shoes’ on the market which offer the exact same sensations even temperature variations in the ground that you would experience and benefit from whilst being barefoot, and at the same time ensure your feet are protected from possible hazards. They are effective, stylish, comfortable and most importantly will keep your feet safe allowing you to free your mind. And of course, they are great conversation starters!

Whatever your ‘barefoot reasons and requirements’, we have a pair of PaleoBarefoots® that will suit you; choose from the exciting range below.

Serie Paleos®ULTRA

Paleos®ULTRA DELINDA for leisure (can be individually customized)Paleos®ULTRA ANTERRA for sports (can be individually customized)Paleos®ULTRA PRONATIV for trail (can be individually customized)
ULTRAs (DELINDA, ANTERRA, PRONATIV) are pure ring mesh shoes made of stainless steel and are designed for natural substrates on land and in water. They are the most consistent and original implementation of the concept. ULTRAs can be individually configured to your individual needs and fit perfectly to normal foot shapes. ULTRA's are available in 3 models for water and natural terrain.

Serie Paleos®X-Color

Paleos® X-Color Private White (fitted with gray Multi-Paws)Paleos® X-Color Private Black (fitted with red Multi-Paws)
XCOLOR is the result of increasing demand from the areas of media, fashion and design. The ULTRA's in color make a fabulous fashion accessory for special events and occasions. Please note that these ‘showstoppers’ are not intended for permanent outdoor use.

Serie Paleos®CLASSIC

Paleos®CLASSIC CAYMARO PAWS (pure chainmail shoe fitted with “Multi-Paws“)Paleos®CLASSIC CAYMARO WHITE (pure chainmail shoe fitted with a soft, white outsole)Paleos®CLASSIC CAYMARO BLACK (pure chainmail shoe fitted with a robust, black outsole)
Also pure chainmail barefoot shoes that bridge the gap beautifully between natural and urban environments, allowing you to go from mountains to towns. They are made entirely of stainless steel ring mesh and are bespoke (cut and laced) to actually EVERY foot. CLASSIC is currently available in 4 models that are suitable for enjoying all aspects of land and water, in rural and urban settings.

Serie Paleos®URBAN

Paleos®URBAN Trail: TUHRON (red)Paleos®URBAN Trail: TUHRON silver)Paleos®URBAN NAUTIS (Water Black/Red)
Paleos®URBAN Sports: ATTAGO (silver)Paleos®URBAN ATTAGO (boats/water white)
URBAN brings the added advantages of ring mesh as an environmentally open foot protection to cities and residential areas. The extraordinary sole construction of ring mesh combined with conventional sole material creates a beautiful and unique barefoot shoe. With the option of a supplied insole the innovative URBAN will also offer a more conventional barefoot shoe experience. How will you use yours?

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Material, dem Prozedere der Entwicklung, zur Herstellung und der Widerstandskraft des Gewebes - See more at: http://portal.gost-barefoots.com/de/Die-Paleos/Made-in-Germany#sthash.E78WFofQ.dpufFind ideal gear for nature to perceive, to enjoy and to feel safe  - if you feel like, far away from paved roads and the concrete jungle!
Paleo(s) lifestyle is not a trend - it's a conclusion!