Are Paleos® usual minimals like all else?

No, we build REAL and safe barefootshoes!

PaleoBarefoots® - safety barefoot shoes for every environment!
Hiking and running that frees your soul needs something more, something new to see, something new to experience, and that means getting off the beaten track - Whenever possible! The PaleoBarefoots® represent a completely new, open-to-the-environment barefoot concept which is combined with a focus on on injury prevention. Our barefoot shoes are only different from pure barefoot running in that they allow you to traverse any environment or soil type or even aquatic environments without risking injuries. Closeness to nature and the elements, great feel and big fun!

The ring mesh of Paleos® - stainless, polished surgical steel!METAL on the skin?

To answer your probably first questions  ... Does ring mesh or chainmail from stainless steel feel hard = no! Is it scratchy = no! does it rust = no! Is it cold = no! Is it uncomfortable against the skin = no! Is it heavy = no! Is it conductive to heat or cold = NO! Indeed, it`s exactly the opposite to everything you might suspect!

FEEL IT for yourself!

Industrial chainmail is made from the finest surgical stainless steel and consists of countless interwoven, smoothly polished rings. Chainmail - Get to know the ring mesh of Paleos®!Anywhere in the industry and in the field of body armour, chain mail protects against mechanical hazards and is mainly worn directly on the skin. It's as flexible and pliable like jewelry! You don't believe us? Well, then feel it against your own skin! Click here!

Are these SHOES?

No! What we have is truly barefoot wear available in many variations and depending on the model appropriate for almost every environment and activity! High-quality, environmentally-open, immediately, anatomically correct, flexible, robust, durable, easy to clean and thus the best foot protection for nature and the water you can own. From a technical point of view Paleos® are complex high-end products between pure barefoot and usual minimalist footwear. Optimized for precisely those activities and conditions that would be too dangerous with conventional shoes or would - at best - ruin them.

Series Paleos®ULTRA!

Paleos®ULTRA - Barefoot shoes without compromise!Are you tough enough to feel the world? ULTRA's are pure chain mail shoes that can be worn directly against the skin and customized in many aspects. All those who want to enjoy immediate nature without any compromise should ALWAYS opt for ULTRA! ULTRA is designed for most general foot shapes. After ordering, therefore, do not forget to consult for your ideal size! Click here!

Series Paleos®CLASSIC!

Paleos®CLASSIC - for water sports, nature and residential areas!The Paleos® that build a bridge! Do you have a special foot shape? Different foot lengths, wide or narrow feet, a special form of toes, Hallux valgus? Then you should go for CLASSIC instead of ULTRA! Models such as PUR over PAWS (fitted with paws) up to the BLACK and WHITE (assembled with a outsole - also suitable at residential areas) for any terrain, for boats and of course for the water. For CLASSIC you don't need a size adviser! They simply fit! Click here!

Serie Paleos®URBAN!

Paleos®URBAN - for every environment!You live in the city? URBAN combines the properties of ULTRA and CLASSIC and brings them in town and residential areas. Feel safe but perceive environmental conditions! Only the open sole construction reveals that its à genuine Paleos®. If necessary, the insole which comes along with these, downgrades URBAN back to "ordinary" Barefoot shoes again. URBAN even does not need a size adviser - it adapts to almost every foot circumference! Click here!

Series Paleos®X-COLOR!

Paleos®X-COLOR as a fashion accessory!You're a fan of fashion and fancy accessories? Do you love the stylish and unusual? Then you should take a look at our classy models of X-Color. Paleos® for special occasions! From purely private use up to fashionable events. However, not meant to be used outdoors! Click here!

Paleos® SAVER and accessories!

Useful accessories For the bare feet other minimalist shoes and Paleos®!For the bare feet other minimalist shoes and of course to add even more comfort to Paleobarefoots®. Available for every condition and environment you might encounter on land and in the water. From silky soft and thin to padded and insulating. Here are the accessories!


Make a friend a great gift to the Paleos® Gift Certificate!You like our unique products? Better yet - Do you know someone who has always been interested in our unique PaleoBarefoots®? Well, make it a special gift and give away our promo code! It will make it much easier for your friend to purchase his/her own, high-quality Paleos®! The Certificate does not expire and is valid for all current and future products! Click here!

TOO costly? Well, make them more favorable!

We want your ruined or unused trainers!Well, special quality has a corresponding price! But you have the chance to get them considerably more favorable: Just send us your "old shoes" and tell us the story behind them. Explain to us why you didn't like them and in return you'll get a discount of a huge 25% from us! Click here!

Paleos®! Perceive environmental conditions at every step!

The Paleos® are safe wherever other shoes fail! Among other, best GRIP on almost every surface. Even the change from sun to shade can celarly be felt - a very soothing and simultaneously uplifting sensation! PaleoBarefoots® - no influence on the feets biomecanics and permanently connected to the corresponding environment!

There's a lot of information about ours and the experiences of our testers and customers on this website. Learn about the positive aspects, caused by the direct contact to the ground and ever-changing environmental conditions. Also transitioning to "Natural Running" and the general benefits of feet that can move "freely" plays an important role.
Running that frees your soul need something more I reckon,
something to look at, something new to experience and that means getting off the beaten
track. - See more at:

What you should to know about barefoot conditions and minimalist footwear! Learn about our tips for beginners and migrators and join in our fun that we have!

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