The Paleos® - just minimalist shoes?

Actually, they are much more than this ...

Add a set of useful "Multi-Paws" to your your Paleos®ULTRA! Hiking and running that frees your soul needs something more, something new to see, something new to experience, and that means getting off the beaten track! The PaleoBarefoots® represent a completely new, open-to-the-environment barefoot concept which is combined with a focus on on injury prevention. Our barefoot shoes are only different from pure barefoot running in that they allow you to traverse any environment or soil type or even aquatic environments without risking injuries.

Unlike usual shoes the PaleoBarefoots® behave passive and protect your feet "just in case"! Due to this, PaleoBarefoots® cannot be compared with shoes but rather with a particular group of high-end industrial products, known as PPA - personal protective equipment!

Go soul running! We actually want Paleos®Users to get their feet as dirty, wet, hot, dry and cold as you would with purely bare feet. This website will provide you with lots of tips and information on the health benefits of direct ground contact and the biomechanical benefits that  "liberating" your feet can bring, not to mention the fun you can experience!
Running that frees your soul need something more I reckon,
something to look at, something new to experience and that means getting off the beaten
track. - See more at:

How do you condition your feet to go barefoot? Learn about our tips for beginners and migrators and join in our fun that we have!

Awards the Paleos®ULTRA deserve!

The Paleos® have won a couple of awards!In the current spring issue of the "Barefoot Running Magazine" in England, which is published by BarefootrunningUK GoSt-Barefoots and PaleoBarefoots® have won a couple of awards! Run Strong • Run Free: The science and art of running...

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Direct, unfiltered, safe -- just unique!

The PaleoBarefoots® adds to the so-called "minimalist shoes" movement, the intentions of which are to provide biomechanical and sensory conditions as close as possible to purely barefoot running. This begs the question, "What actually is a "minimalist shoe"? This newest category of shoes meets some very specific requirements. These includea flexible and lightweight construction, a low heel-toe drop (gradient towards the toes), little or no insole, a flexible and thin outsole, and high breathability, among others.



Take a look at our videos! Hard or soft, sharp or dull, hot or cold, rough or fine, damp or dry - your feet will be amazed at what they have been missing while you have been wearing shoes and shielding them from pure, natural stimuli. Therefore, kick off your shoes and put your feet into the PaleoBarefoots®! Imagine yourself on any natural surface such as a beach or a forest trail, close your eyes and start perceiving it even more intensely!

As your feet the Paleos® also love refreshing waters!

This is why they are ideal footwear for waterfronts and for use on all kinds of off-road and away from the beaten track running experiences. The PaleoBarefoots® will put you in a position to finally feel the same joy of experiencing nature as closely as you would wearing regular shoes but without having to sacrifice flexibility or proprioceptive stimuli  as you would with traditional shoes or even other "minimalist shoes" ! By the way, ...

Add a useful set of paws to your Paleos®!

The "Multi Paws" for water, soil and bedrock!

These barely noticeable soft-spots greatly extend the usage possibilities of your Paleos®Ultras to all urban areas! They will provide safety and maximum grip whether you're out in nature clambering over rock or in buildings and the city on navigating tile and marble. You won't find a safer way to be in contact with the ground than with the "Multi-Paws".

Adding "Multi-Paws" to ULTRA makes them suitable for any terrain!However, even with the most resistant version of "Paws" they should not be running shoes for paved surfaces!  Although ULTRAs can now be used anywhere, and for any application, our recommendation is still to gravitate towards natural, variable terrains for walking, hiking and running.

People accustomed to minimalist or other barefoot style shoes will appreciate the benefits described in this blog about these unique soft spots. Everything we develop here at GoSt-Barefoots is directly determined by the natural environment in which we use the products - so are the Multi-Paws for your Paleos®!

You're concerned they might not fit your feet?

You will want to be certain about the size of your ULTRAs. The ULTRAs are made of flexible stainless steel mesh, so in contrast to conventional shoes, your feet will specify the shape of the shoe rather than the other way around. One size can fit a variety of foot shapes and sizes, thus the same ULTRA size can fit a long narrow foot or a shorter wide foot. We are glad to help you to find your ideal size: "The ideal size of your Paleos®ULTRA!"

Interested in the findings of a long-term test?

200 miles with the Paleos® by Ian Hicks for BarefootRunningUK!You do not believe they can actually be comfortable… Then read this review of a long-term test by Ian Hicks at BarefootRunningUK after he logged 200 miles in a pair on various nature trails over the course of 5 months. Their web site is run by people who are specialized in barefoot running, so they should know!

Read more findings and user opinions on our shoes! Or find answers to many questions from our FAQ page.