The ideal size of your Paleos®ULTRAs!

We’ll help you to find the perfect size for your ULTRAs!

If you want to be sure, about the size of your ULTRAs! You will want to be certain about the size of your ULTRAs. The ULTRAs are made of flexible stainless steel mesh, so in contrast to conventional shoes, your feet will specify the shape of the shoe rather than the other way around. One size can fit a variety of foot shapes and sizes, thus the same ULTRA size can fit a long narrow foot or a shorter wide foot. Using the instructions below, please provide us with the dimensions of your feet and we’ll find the perfect ULTRAs for you.

Fax, scanner, smart phone or postal mail?

Depending on your shoe size, there are four ways to transmit your tracing to us. As most of you now own a camara or smartphone, certainly it  is the easiest, to send a picture of your drawing. However, even for everyone else, we can offer appropriate options:

What is needed is the contour of your foot Your footprint by fax
As a fax via fax machine (up to A4 format) for shoe sizes:

EU 34 to 45
UK/AU ♂♀ 2 to 10    
USA/Canada: ♂ 3 / ♀ 3 ½ to ♂ 11  ♀ 12

Your footprint via scan and e-mail
As a JPEG or PDF via the scanner (up to A4 format) for sizes:

EU 34 to 45
UK/AU ♂♀ 2 to 10    
USA/Canada: ♂ 3 / ♀ 3 ½ to ♂ 11  ♀ 12

What is needed is the contour of your foot Your footprint by capturing an image and e-mail
As a JPEG or PDF via camera or smartphone all sizes:

EU 34 to 50
UK/AU ♂♀ 2 to 14   
USA/Canada: ♂ 3 / ♀ 3 ½ to ♂ 15 ½ 16 ½

Your footprint by postal mail
You final drawing by postal mail all formats and shoe sizes:

Certainly, everyone has a sheet of paper in A4 size. This format is sufficient to trace all foot sizes up to size 45. Since this format is also the standard format for commercially available scanners and fax machines, you have all the possibilities to send us your result.

If your shoe size, however, is beyond size 45, you'll need a larger sheet than A4. Faxing thus precipitates and it will be difficult too to find a scanner for larger formats. If one doesn't want to edit the drawing in several parts, the only options left are to take a picture or to send the sheet by postal mail.

First, the preparatory steps. What to do ...  Step-by-step instructions for making your foot tracing.

Step 1 - Step on a piece of paper with either foot

1 Place your foot on the sheet
Step on a piece of paper with either foot. For example, if the format is an A4 size and you have the shoe size 44 you can also position your foot diagonally onto the sheet. Just make sure that your tracing completely fits in the format. Lean forward and put a bit of pressure on your foot so it flattens a bit and you stand more stable.


Step 2 - Trace the outline around your foot

2. Trace the outline around your foot
Now, Using a dark colored pen or pencil (but not a marker), trace the outline of your foot onto the paper. Try to hold the pen as vertically as possible, and be sure to ask someone for help if you are having trouble. By holding the pen vertically, you’re making a trace that’s slightly bigger than your foot, and that’s exactly what is needed. Note that if you have feet of slightly different sizes or shapes, you should complete this process for each foot so that we can get you a correct, custom fit.


Step 3 - Add a scale indicator

3. Add a scale indicator (in cm oder inch)
If you fax or scan your tracing, it may get resized. Especially when you take a picture of the sheet it with your camera or smartphone the size ratio is lost. For us to adjust for that, we need a scale indicator. With a ruler, draw a straight horizontal an vertiacal next to your tracing. Then mark the distances shown in the graph (horizontally 127 mm / 5 inch - vertically 254 mm / 10 inch).


Step 4 - Tell us who you are

In order to assign the fax, the file or sheet sent by postal mail, please add the following information:

Your name (first name and surname)
Your usual shoe size *
The order number (if you've already paced an order)
Your e-mail or postal address

 * Your usual shoe size is a pure monitoring information for our evaluation. If we, for example,
come to a greatly different result, there necessarily must be an error  somewhere.
4. Tell us who you areExample, if the foot does not fit perpendicularly onto A4.


Step 5 - Fax, scanner, photograph or postal mail?

Your footprint by capturing an image and e-mail
Take a picture of your result, but please make sure:
The sheet was placed on a dark background.
The sheet must be fully in the picture format.
The sheet must not appear distorted too much!
► ► (Take the picture as vertical as possible)

Please, mind any distortionPlease, mind any distortion

► ►► ► Send your picture to e-mail address
► ►► ► (

Your footprint by fax
Scan the result 1:1 and send the JPEG or PDF to e-mail address.
Your footprint via scan and e-mail
Fax the sheet to fax number: +49 2166 99 811 45

Dein Fußabdruck per Post an uns
Send your tracing by postal mail::
GoSt-Barefoots Ltd.
Departement Customer-Support
Buchholzer Weg 17
41189 Mönchengladbach
Germany / NRW

Or send us details such as measurements of your feet:

Please give us the measurements of your feet.Another option to provide you with the correctly sized shoe: Transfer some direct measurements of your feet and answer some questions on the overall shape of your feet and toes. Of course, this method is not as accurate as a visual representation like the tracing of your foot. Thus, only use it if all other options (fax, scanner, camera) are not available or would take too long (postal mail). Please Click here to enter your feet dimensions into the online form.

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