"Multi Paws" for your conditions!

The "Multi-Paws" for your Paleos®!

If you already have a basic model of the PaleoBarefoots®ULTRA or CLASSIC then you might find this option very useful! These barely noticeable, soft sole spots make our PaleoBarefoots® suitable for natural soils and also for urban surfaces. Whether on natural surfaces, on rocks, in the city, on tiles, on marble… or anywhere, these "Paws" provide maximum grip and safety.

Unbeatable everywhere in nature! "Multi Paws" for waters, cliffs, rocks and tough terrain.With traditional minimalist footwear, you will never have experienced such safe, slip-resistant contact with the ground. Why is that so? Everything we develop here at GoSt-Barefoots is directly determined by our observations and experiences in nature where we use the products – so a natural result is the Paleos®"Multi-Paws"!


The "sets of Paws" at a glance:

Multi-Paws for all conditions in natural environments.You know best where you're using your ULTRAs or CLASSICs where you'd like to enjoy their benefits. Choose the Paw version that suits your conditions best. The PaleoBarefoots® itself, as well as all "Paw variants", were originally developed for preferably wet and damp conditions. In addition, however, they work perfectly well on soft, hard and rocky natural soils on land.

The individual sets of "Paws" differ in arrangement, paw size, material hardness and paw thickness. All versions are slip-resistant at all conditions on land and also excellent suitable for waters and every conceivable water sports!

The individual sets of "Paws" differ in arrangement, paw size, material hardness and paw thickness. All versions are very slip-resistant in all conditions on land and also suitable for all water and every conceivable watersport!

The "Multi Paws" upgrade at the Online Store!

"Water -Paws" for waters, water sports and rather soft soils.
Small, soft , thickness 2.0 mm.
Colours: Blue, Red and Black

"Soil-Paws" for waters, water sports and mixed grounds.
Medium sized, resistant, 2.5 mm thick.
Colours: Blue, Red and Black
* Standard version of the "Paws"!

"Cliff-Paws" for waters, water sports and rocky terrain.
Large, high-friction resistant, 3.0 mm thick.
Colours: Black

Technical Specifications:

The "Multi Paws" upgrade at the Online Store!PU-Material:
PU material: elastomer 2K PUR resin

ISO 868 : 2003 Shore A 65-90

Tensile strength / elongation at break:
ISO 37 : 2004: 1.000%

Tensile strength:
ISO 34 : 2004: kN / m 24

Elasticity (BASHORE):
ASTM 2632 : 1992: 44%

Abrasion resistance (TABER:
1.000 min-1 / H22): 16 mg/100U

Application temperature:
-40°F - 156°F


Features of "Multi-Paws":

Situations: Slip resistant on all kinds of polished surfaces
Usability: Now for all natural soils and slippery urban surfaces!
(Fitted with "Paws" for rocky terrain and even suitable for floors such as concrete or asphalt!)
Sports: Among others - surfing, sailing, rock climbing, and many more
Indoor / Outdoor: No restriction on rather soft natural surfaces!
Slip Hazard: The unique sole construction prevents slipping!
Barefoot sensation: Depending on the set of Paws - from good to excellent
Sole flexibility: Unchanged - flexible and adaptable
Comfort: The mesh wraps more snugly to foot and sole
Weight: Barely increased (depending on the size, about 20-25g)
Cushioning: Additional 1.5 mm in the stressed areas and on stony ground
Grip material: 1000% elasticity, 65-90 Shore A (more resistant to abrasion than usual footwear)
Insulating effect: Additional distance on hard soils in heat and frost
Noise: Quiet as a whisper! Even on hard floors - completely silent!
Safety: Increased protection against injury by the combination of spots and chainmail.

Who needs "Paws"?

You don't need "Paws" if: The basic models of the Paleo®ULTRA and CLASSIC are already the best form of indestructible outdoor protection on natural surfaces, whether land or water, that they can be. ULTRAs without "Paws" are still ideally suited to natural soils and terrain, and while the addition of "Paws" can bring some benefits, they really aren't necessary if you're predominantly using your Paleos on these surfaces (sand, clay, earth, mud, streams, lakes). The ring-mesh of the Paleo ULTRAs provides the perfect grip for these surfaces. For underwater activity like diving or snorkeling, you'll also be fine without "Paws", though you might find them useful in the boat!

You need "Paws" if: If you're transitioning from water to land - for instance moving surfboards or clambering onto boats, you'll also find "Paws" useful for these and similar applications. If you're a runner or hiker and you sometimes have to deal with hard, stony or rocky ground, or you like to walk around in the city, you'll really appreciate the extra grip security "Paws" provide. Areas inhabited by humans are full of hard, smooth, polished plane surfaces and polished floors! "Paws" not only provide pleasant additional damping, but an amazing grip on artificial surfaces before reaching the park!

But even with "Paws" ...

... they shouldn't be running shoes for paved surfaces!  Although ULTRA and CLASSIC can now be used anywhere, and for any application with the additional "Paws", our recommendation is still to gravitate towards natural, variable terrains for running. Asphalt, rough pavement and concrete have always been the worst enemy for tyres, shoes and even the bare soles of the feet. In particular, this applies to metal and our stainless steel chain mail soles. For example, think of snow chains on bare asphalt. These substrates are extremely abrasion intense and only our strongest "Paws" are able to keep up with such high-friction surfaces!

Furthermore, we are convinced that our feet are not designed for intense, sustained loads on hard and flat surfaces. If you want to move naturally, leave urban areas and go there where this is possible - go to nature!

Furthermore, we are convinced that our feet are not designed for intense, sustained loads on hard and flat surfaces. Instead, the biomechanics of our feet lend themselves to varied surfaces and the cushioning of natural terrains. Please read the information that we've collected in the knowledge base, particularly: Barefoot for beginners/transfer passengers!

Wear and tear of the "Paws"

Wear and tear is directly dependent on the specific set of "Paws", soil type, temperature, duration and intensity of your activities (walking, hiking, running). The so-called Shore A hardness of the Paw material is 65-90 - much higher than that of conventional minimalist footwear. An exact statement regarding the actual wear of the paws material is purely user-dependent and therefore difficult to determine.

However, since the original and recommended purpose of the ULTRAs is for walking/running on soft, natural surfaces, and for use in the water and for watersports, we are convinced that wear will be negligible. In particular, in buildings with smooth polished floors (such as marble, tiles, wooden parquet, etc.), or on boats, surfboards and the like, the wear will be very low. In contrast to such smooth floors, however, asphalt and concrete in urban areas will be problematic for any type of sole material and only our strongest "Paws" are able to keep up with such high-friction surfaces!

Barfuß für Einsteiger/Umsteiger!

Handling and Cleaning:

Handling and cleaning of the “Paws” is no different from the maintenance of the regular ULTRAs. The "Paws" are extremely resistant to physical influence. The soles (and the mesh) should be protected from strong solvents and prolonged temperatures above 60°C (156°F). Take a look at how to clean our basic models.

Retrofitting of Paws:

The Paleos® can easily be retrofitted with "Paws". Even worn paws can be replaced! However, a prerequisite to this is that the chain mail mesh is not damaged. If you send in your ULTRA's to get this done, you will also notice that we have cleaned your Paleos® to a high gloss when you get them back from us. Order add-on "Paws" from the online shop  under "ULTRA-accessories".

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