Best innovative "shoe" 2013 in the UK!

Awards for Paleos®ULTRA, well deserved!

In the current spring issue of the "Barefoot Running Magazine" in England, which is published by BarefootrunningUK, GoSt-Barefoots and PaleoBarefoots®  have won a couple of awards!

The Paleos® have won a couple of awards!

Months ago, a review by Ian Hicks was published in the same magazine. In it he evaluated the properties of the Paleos® after 200 miles of running trails. Subsequently we've equipped more testers of the specialised tester team with the "pure" ULTRAs and from beginning this year they also got the so-called "Paws-Paleos®" from us.

A few days ago we then received the completely unexpected message from the editors of the magazine that the ULTRAs were awarded in several categories. One can easily imagine that we were very pleased.  The Paleos® finally receive the recognition, they deserve. At this point we want to express our gratitude to the testers and the jury involved.

In the comments to the awards we noticed a couple of sentences, which very aptly describe the thoughts of people when seeing our "shoes" for the first time. The relevant comments are from David Robinson, who is not only a tester himself, but with Anna Toombs also one of the editors of the magazine. We are very grateful to him for these felicitous phrases:

David Robinson
„This product has taken many by surprise, me included. I am very taken with Pronativ. They are a must for any minimalist trail runner. A perfect example for something that shouldn't work, but does!“.

Not so minimal review results!

The rating of the fit does not mean the Paleos® would fit less well. Designed as a loosely protective sheath, the fit can simply not be comparable to that of conventional footwear. They are just "different"!

The pages in the magazine about the Paleos®:

1st - BEST INNOVATIVE SHOE 2013 1st - BEST INNOVATIVE SHOE 2013 – page19.

2nd - PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 20132nd - PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2013  – page 23.

There is also a very nice report by Chris Fielding, also tester of the team, who has participated with his ULTRAs at a very muddy event. At this point, many thanks to him, that he dared to do this a few weeks ago when temperatures were much lower than now.

The "PAWS" at the “SHEER PANDEMONIUM"Field report: Chris Fielding and the "Paws" at “SHEER PANDEMONIUM”  - page 54.

Further attention is drawn to the current development of the so called Paleos®URBAN series and a very special barefoot event which will be organized by the "Wiltshire Barefoot Runners". GoSt-Barefoots will also be there and support this event on the 29th of June in Lydiard Park, Swindon, UK. That day, all participants can try the Paleos® with or without "Paws". If you would like to join, just have a closer look at the details.

Join the "Wiltshire BarefootRunners" on Facebook!Paleos "PAWS" 5km FUN RUN!Event: Paleos® “Paws" ” Fun Run im Lydiard Park, Swindon, England – page 83.

BREAKING NEWS Paleos®URBANBreaking News: GoSt-Barefoots go URBAN! – page 148.

Many thanks to the magazine and all those involved:

David Robinson and Anna Toombs are the founders of Barefoot Running UK, a company which was created to help people embrace and enjoy injury-free running. As well as providing individual tuition, they also teach clinics and workshops and hold weekly club sessions at various London sites. The aim is to help clients run more smoothly, comfortably and efficiently and with less effort. The end result is a happier runner!

We can not reccomend  BarefootRunningUK's fascinating website enough and while you are there, why not subscribe to their online magazine (currently free to download)? In it there are many interesting articles and product tests, which are written by people with a lot experience in their field.

Soon there will be more independent reviews on our products!
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20:48:33 09.04.2014

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