We want you to be delighted by our high-tech "shoes"!

Certainly you did not accidently click for this page? The PaleoBarferoots® are just different! They are no shoes, no socks and no minimalist running shoes for long distance ... on asphalt, concrete and gravel, should also not be used!

PaleoBarefoots® - You shouldn't dispense on our high tech footwear!They belong where our feet originally come from - on natural surfaces. What touches your skin, touches you! The PaleoBarferoots® are not just worn - one experiences them! They will ground and relax you, slow down your life and let you feel the pure nature! Hiking, or running the same route and depending on the weather conditions they even tell you a different story each time. By choice of the soil and intensity of your activities, you alone decide how they feel - extremely invigorating and pleasant, or very tough and immediate.

Subpages with all needed information !

Ruf an, nutze Mail oder Chat. Wir freuen uns auf Dich!In our service area you can find plenty information and various options to stay informed. There are guidance for use and handling of these exceptional minimalist shoes, as well as helpful tips, downloads, tutorials, links and RSS feeds. All information are revolving around our unique products, the "restoration" of the human running apparatus and walking barefoot. Even if you are experienced already, you certainly will gain findings that you didn't expect this way.

If you have a question, do not hesitate! We are always here for you!

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