Remain strong and healthy

Leave roads and paths! Get into nature in all weathers, feel the air, water, moisture, heat and cold. Give your body back what it has missed for so long. It will react gratefully to natural, primal conditions - how we always did. You will be rewarded with a robust immune system and more agile biomechanics.

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Rely on safety

Security soothes and relaxes you! Rely on the best puncture and cut protection there ever was! Protected from lurking hazards, even challenging environments and conditions are pure fun to feel. Whenever your usual gear would fail, get dirty, slippery or just feel uncomfortable, our indestructible Outdoor-Paleos® find their ideal field of application.

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Enjoy natural stimuli

To stay healthy we need natural stimuli - the more diverse the better. The unique Paleos® are both reliable protection and simultaneously open to the elements. Stimuli which would be lost with impermeable soles can now be experienced. Direct contact with the environment ensures the training of our immune system and supports vital functions.

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Rebalance body & soul

"That which touches your skin also touches your spirit!" Enjoy what surrounds you and feel the elements, relaxation, revitalization and heightened senses. Our products help to balance body and mind, they increase good humor and the pure joie de vivre. Even the first puddle will make you smile.

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Ancient knowledge meets modern technology!

Do you like the feel of deep connection with nature during leisure and sports? Would't it be fantastic to just go for a stroll or some running with your mind completely liberated from the constant concern of possible injury? Just perceive and enjoy: coasts, moors, heathland, mudflats, streams, lakes, rivers, the ocean, forests and meadows. Walking, hiking, running, water sports and much, much more! This is precisely what the PaleoBarefoots® are made for!

New! The "Paws" for water and any terrain!The Paleos® excel where other shoes don't! With other gear in tough terrain you have to deal with issues such as poor traction, wear, wetness, dirt and other hygienic aspects or simply permanently feeling uncomfortable when they get wet.

If the Paleos® are fitted with a set of corresponding "Multi-Paws", they even can become everyday shoes (however, no running shoes) for urban areas and for paved surfaces. The Paleos® have won a couple of awards!Otherwise they love - just like our entire body does - the alternation of wet and dry, hard and soft, hot and cold, smooth and rough. These are important stimuli for our immune system and for our overall health and can't be found on roads but is definitely offered by the diverse variations of nature. If you want to experience their real benefits, use them here!

The environmentally-open concept, the ability of free movement and the sensory feedback of the environment also makes our products most ideal to support therapeutic use. In addition they are suitable for all those who are suffering from general foot problems and, among others, from Diabetes and multiple sclerosis.  An environmental-open concept for humans and nature that could not be more durable, natural and efficient!

Material, dem Prozedere der Entwicklung, zur Herstellung und der Widerstandskraft des Gewebes - See more at:
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Find ideal gear for nature to perceive, to enjoy and to feel safe  - far away from paved roads and the concrete jungle!
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Paleo(s) lifestyle is not a trend - it's a conclusion!

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Summer is over and cooler temperatures and wet weather have arrived. For us, and for many of our customers and testers, this is actually the best time of the year. In almost no other season you can feel nature so intenslyand enjoy the constant change underfoot as in the fall...

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