Sensible reasons to have PaleoBarefoots®

Why  Paleos® make so much sense!

PaleoBarefoots® are no substitute for your running shoes on the concrete and asphalt - but they are the ideal tool for almost EVERYTHING other than this! Expand your "barefoot" radius in nature and promote your general health. Treat yourself to important, unfiltered, natural stimuli.
 Feel soil, nature and your whole body!Our Paleos®ULTRA are made completely of stainless steel and only compare very loosely with the so-called Minimalists footwear (Barefoot shoes).

They are new, they are different, they are consistent!

Paleos have many advantages over conventional Barefoot Shoes and are the closest approach to what can be expected of a true "barefoot" shoe. Importantly full permeability allows natural stimuli (for soil, water, temperature, air, etc.) to be felt.

The confidence to to walk barefoot!

The PaleoBarefoots® are an industrial product and made from stainless steel ring mesh (Chainmail), which has been used for body protection purposes for many years. This metal mesh is evenintegrated into bullet-proof vests! It's exactly this combination that helps to make us feel safe and relaxed on natural ground - and, over time, your feet will be stronger and healthier! You can have all this, without foregoing direct contact with the natural environment. No insect, no spike, shard or shellfish, glass, or pieceof metal will harm you anymore!

Properties and reaction of the Paleos®:

Truly authentic barefoot feel caused by the open chain structure.
Excellent foot protection - safe and industrially proven.
Unique foot freedom - no drop, no insole, no footbed, etc.
Room for your toes - each toe can "grab" and "claw" individually.
Amazing off road capability - suitable for all natural surfaces.
Compared to other shoes they allow for very silent running.
Direct feedback from the soil saves your energy for longer distance running.
Perfect in humid and wet conditions – suitable for both soils and waters.
Exceptional GRIP properties on land and in the water.
Valency  - quality stainless steel alloy (used in the industry).
Longevity – stainless steel chainmail is industrially proven and has been in use as a protective material for decades.
Minimal wear and tear - with appropriate use you’ll be using your Paleos year after year.
Perception – eyecatching, noble, flexible andpleasant on the skin.
Hygienic - cleaning is very easy and uncomplicated, no sweaty feet smell or mildew.

Health and therapeutic aspects:

Foot ventilation - direct, unobstructed airflow to all parts of the foot
Reflexology - massage directly (depending on surface
Stimuli - unfiltered feedback leads to more precise movement and awareness.
Hydrotherapy - temperature effect - direct perception.
Hydrotherapy - moisture effect - instantaneously as with bare feet.
Reflexology - direct massage of your soles due to the respective subsoil.
Biomechanics - demands the complete foot to work out in the most natural way.
Strengthening of the immune system, promoted by environmental factors.
Vital functions - stimulation, reviving, training, preservation.
Perception - direct feedback, more closeness to nature.
Paleos®running relaxes and improves your mood.
Reactions - Paleos® running is most enjoyable!
General - it's as healthy as barefoot running!

Also keen on a good mood and better health?

Learn more about what "PaleoBarefoots® type" you are!
Or purchase a pair of incomparable PaleoBarefoots®!
Seen our tips for barefoot beginners and migrators?

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