Cogent reasons to have PaleoBarefoots®

Why they do make sense for everyone!

The PaleoBarefoots® are not a substitute for your regular running shoes for tarmac and concrete - but an ideal tool for everything apart from it! With them, you can expand your radius in nature and there promote your health with important, unfiltered, sensorimotor stimulation. Feel soil, nature and your whole body!Our Barefoots are fully made from stainless steel ring mesh and not comparable with the so-called minimalist shoes (which just simulate barefoot physical conditions).

They supplement their important characteristics by benefits as the complete stimulus transmission (from soil, water, temperature, air, etc.), and industrially proven body protection. Even in bulletproof vests this material is processed! Only this unique combination makes us relaxed and our feet strong and healthy! No insect, no shards or shellfish, no hidden metal part can harm your feet!

Properties and effect of the PaleoBarefoots®:

Authentic barefoot feeling because of the open ring structure.
Foot protection - completely safe and industrially proven.
Unique foot freedom - no drop, no insole, no footbed, etc.
Room for your toes - each toe can "grab" and "claw" individually.
Off road capability - suitable for all natural grown surfaces.
Compared to other shoes they allow a very silent running.
Unfiltered soil feedback saves energy and you can run longer.
Humidity and wet conditions – suitable on soils and in waters.
Exceptional GRIP properties on land and in the water.
VValency  - quality stainless steel alloy (used in industry).
Longevity - material since decades industrially proven.
Wear and tear - With correct usage only after years.
Perception - refined, flexible, comfortable to the touch.
Cleaning and hygienic - just easy and uncomplicated.

Health and therapeutic aspects:

Foot ventilation - direct, unobstructed airflow.
Reflexology - massage directly (depending on soil).
Stimuli - unfiltered feedback leads to precise movement.
Hydrotherapy - temperature effect - direct perception.
► Hydrotherapy - moisture effect - instantaneously as with bare feet.
Reflexology - direct massage of your soles by the respective subsoil.
Biomechanics - challenges the entire foot and traines in a natural way.
Strengthening the immune system caused by environmental factors.
Vital functions - stimulating, reviving, training, preservation.
Perception - direct feedback, more closeness to nature.
Paleos®running relaxes and makes you happier.
Reactions - Paleos® running lifts your mood!
General - it's as healthy as with bare feet!

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