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As CEJörg Peitzker: Owner and CEO of the GoSt-Barefoots Ltd.O, I would like to introduce myself and my company Gost-Barefoot Ltd. On this page, you'll find some background information on my career and the idea behind the PaleoBarefoots®. My name is Jörg Peitzker I was born in 1962, am married and have three almost grown children - two sons and a daughter. Our permanent residence is Mönchengladbach, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.


My so far professional positions:

Occupation: Reproduction photographer – specializing in artwork creation.
1984-1985 Scanner-/Systemoperator in Oisterwijk (Netherlands).
1985-1987 Instructor (worldwide) Dr. Ing. Rudolf Hell in Kiel.
1987 I started my professional independence.
1987-1990 Instructor in Spain for Siemens Madrid.
1990-2002 EBV-trainers, Proof, and DTP systems (Europe).
2003-2005 Shareholder and Managing Director of MEDIGRAPH Ltd.
2006-2009 Consultant for CM, PCM and PSO (worldwide).
2010-present: Owner and Managing Director of picolor®.
2011-present: Owner and Managing Director of GoSt-Barefoots Ltd..

Gost-Barefoots is the result of a purely private reflection on my personal way of life. Starting from the so called Paleo-Principle regarding nutrition, there followed a desire to also attain more natural movement. We wanted sports activities such as walking and running to be as natural as possible - preferably purely barefoot.

We were not afraid of dirty feet - however, we were wary of injuries!

We looked around at the market for so-called 'barefoot' or minimalist shoes, but none we found fulfilled our expectations. Dirty feet ok- however, no injuries!Dirty feet were ok- but not injuries!  We just couldn't obtain the real barefoot sensation that we craved, and it seemed that there was no shoe able to provide this, along with the protection desired.

The material used in Paleos® has existed for centuries. More recently, with a finer structure and constructed of stainless steel, chain mail has been used for decades in the meat, fish and metalworking industries as protective mesh (for its puncture and cut resistance) in the form of oyster gloves. Industrially proven, this material turned out to be what we were looking for: a safe and amazingly real barefoot experience.

There is nothing better than to be so close to nature and be safe!There is nothing better than to be so close to nature and be safe!  It is always a treat to use the PaleoBarefoots® in water, on the beach, and on any other natural terrain. Inevitably, it conjures a smile on one's face! And because of the immediate stimuli it's a very healthy thing too (massage effect, Kneipp hydrotherapy, reflexology, foot climate, etc.). Although you get dirty feet, it is a genuine experience: think back to your childhood, when every puddle still was an adventure ...

A word of caution: Please consult your doctor before embarking on any major changes to your exercise regime, running shoes, or the surfaces on which you are used to running, especially if you have pre-existing conditions. We are not doctors. We just try to keep well-informed, share our own experiences, and inform our customers accordingly. We have years of experience and enjoy running barefoot more each time.

We'd love for you to be able to experience the same. Be sure to apply common sense at all times and consider your personal safety and circumstances before trying something you read here or on other sites. There's a lot of information on this site, so please read the important things like our FAQ's and Tips for Barefoot Running.

We hope you'll enjoy your time with us and that it will excite you about our products! Before you leave, we'd love to get some feedback from you. Please enjoy the extensive information available on this site, but please don't copy any of it anywhere without permission. If you'd like to share, we'd prefer that you link back to the original information here, in case we need to update something!

Thank you for visiting us, Jörg Peitzker
Jörg Peitzker

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