Become a distribution or licence partner!

The GoSt-Barefoots partner programms!

Here we would like to introduce you some options of our sales concept. If one of them is suitable for you, let us know!

Become a license partner or be part of the GoSt distribution network!Different minds have different ideas and lots of ideas lead to innovation. We expect from our network of partners further inspiration and input to help us optimise and improve existing and future outdoor products. Our new product series Series Paleos®CLASSIC and Paleos®URBAN are a striking example of innovative collaboration with our partners.

Become a specialist dealer

Are you a representative, independent sales representative or reseller for outdoor products, sports equipment, water sports, trekking, etc? Then extend your product range with an exclusive eye catcher like the PaleoBarefoots®.

Do you run your own store with an exhibition space? You offer mainly outdoor and sports related products? Then a partnership is especially interesting to complete your portfolio by interesting products to complete your portfolio!

Become a license partner

Brands and Manufacturer: You are interested in integrating our Barefoot Technology in your products? Environmental open and yet completely safe by integrating stainless steel chainmail, which actually comes from industrial body protection? We offer appropriate licensing models and guidance about manufacturing techniques.

Cooperation: Corporately Development of new cutting edge products and to market them can also be a possible option. Contact us!

Distributor: Maybe, you are already listed as a distributor or want to become part of our sales network? However, in addition to that  you are also interested in exclusivities such as territorial protection for your city, region or your country? After a certain trial period, there are  possibilities!

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